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#ifndef sorcerer_h
#define sorcerer_h

 * sorcerer.h -- header for all sorcerer files
 * We reserve no LEGAL rights to SORCERER -- SORCERER is in the public
 * domain.  An individual or company may do whatever they wish with
 * source code distributed with SORCERER or the code generated by
 * SORCERER, including the incorporation of SORCERER, or its output, into
 * commerical software.
 * We encourage users to develop software with SORCERER.  However, we do
 * ask that credit is given to us for developing SORCERER.  By "credit",
 * we mean that if you incorporate our source code into one of your
 * programs (commercial product, research project, or otherwise) that you
 * acknowledge this fact somewhere in the documentation, research report,
 * etc...  If you like SORCERER and have developed a nice tool with the
 * output, please mention that you developed it using SORCERER.  In
 * addition, we ask that this header remain intact in our source code.
 * As long as these guidelines are kept, we expect to continue enhancing
 * this system and expect to make other tools available as they are
 * completed.
 * Terence Parr
 * AHPCRC, University of Minnesota
 * 1992-1994

#include "pcctscfg.h"

#ifdef __USE_PROTOS
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <malloc.h>

#include <setjmp.h>

/* SUPERCLASS SORAST (your tree must look at minimum like this)
typedef struct _node {
            struct _node *right, *down;
            int token;
                  -- user-defined stuff goes here
        } SORAST;

/* Can be used sort of like inheritance to get the desired struct def */
            struct _node *right, *down; \
            int token;

/* C MATCH */ /* MR21 Short circuit on null pointer */
#define _MATCH(tok)     if (! _t || _t->token!=tok ) if ( _parser->guessing ) _GUESS_FAIL; else mismatched_token(_parser, tok, _t)
#define _MATCHRANGE(tok,tok2) \
            if (! _t || _t->token<tok || _t->token>tok2 ) if ( _parser->guessing ) _GUESS_FAIL; else mismatched_range(_parser, tok, tok2, _t)

/* C++ MATCH */
#define _CPPMATCH(tok)  if ( _t->token()!=tok ) if ( _parser->guessing ) _GUESS_FAIL; else mismatched_token(_parser, tok, _t)
#define _CPPMATCHRANGE(tok,tok2) \
            if ( _t->token()<tok || _t->token()>tok2 ) if ( _parser->guessing ) _GUESS_FAIL; else mismatched_range(_parser, tok, tok2, _t)

/* Normal DOWN and RIGHT */
#define _DOWN                       _t=_t->down
#define _RIGHT                      _t=_t->right

/* C++ DOWN and RIGHT */
#define _CPPDOWN              _t=(SORAST *) _t->down()
#define _CPPRIGHT             _t=(SORAST *) _t->right()

#define _SAVE                       SORAST *_save=_t
#define _RESTORE              _t = _save
#define     _SETLABEL(u)            u=_t
#define _WILDCARD             if ( _t==NULL ) if ( _parser->guessing ) _GUESS_FAIL; else missing_wildcard(_parser)
#define _GUESS_BLOCK          STreeParser _st; int _gv; SORAST *_savet=NULL;
#define _GUESS                      {_st = *_parser; \
                                          _savet = _t; \
                                          _parser->guessing = 1; \
                                          _gv = setjmp(_parser->startofguess.state);}
#define _GUESS_FAIL                 longjmp(_parser->startofguess.state, 1)
#define _GUESS_DONE                 {*_parser = _st; _t = _savet;}

/* These are used mainly by the C output */
#ifndef ast_down
#define ast_down        down
#ifndef ast_right
#define ast_right       right

#define STreeTry(r,p,t)     \
                  (p)->try_result = NULL;                         \
            (p)->sjrv = setjmp((p)->startofguess);  \
            if ( !(p)->sjrv ) {                                   \
                rule(p,t,&try_result);                      \
                (p)->try_ok = 1;                            \
                  }                                                           \
            else {                                                      \
                (p)->try_ok = 0;                            \
                  }                                                           \
            if ( (p)->try_ok )

/* Used only during TRANSFORM mode */

typedef struct _Sjmp_buf {
                  jmp_buf state;
            } Sjmp_buf;

#ifndef _PARSER_VARS
#define _PARSER_VARS

#ifndef _REFVARS
#define _REFVARS

typedef struct _STreeParser {
                  int try_ok, sjrv; /* used by STreeTry macro */
                  SORAST *try_result;     /* tree coming back from try */
                  int guessing;
                  Sjmp_buf startofguess;
                  SORAST *t;
            } STreeParser;

#define STreeParserInit(_p) { (_p)->guessing = 0; _refvar_inits(_p); }

                        /* S a n i t y  C h e c k i n g */

#ifndef require
#define require(expr, err) {if ( !(expr) ) sorcerer_panic(err);}

               /* T r a n s f o r m  M a c r o s */
#define ast_return(_t)  *_result = _t

#ifdef __USE_PROTOS
extern void mismatched_range(STreeParser *_parser, int looking_for, int upper_token, SORAST *found);
extern void missing_wildcard(STreeParser *_parser);
extern void mismatched_token(STreeParser *_parser, int looking_for, SORAST *found);
extern void no_viable_alt(STreeParser *_parser, char *rulename, SORAST *root);
extern void sorcerer_panic(char *err);
extern void _refvar_inits(STreeParser *);    /* MR15 Kevin J. Cummings */
extern void _mkroot(SORAST **, SORAST **, SORAST **, SORAST *);
extern void _mkchild(SORAST **, SORAST **, SORAST **, SORAST *);
extern SORAST *ast_alloc(void);
extern SORAST *ast_dup(SORAST *t);
extern SORAST *ast_dup_node(SORAST *t);
extern void mismatched_range();
extern void missing_wildcard();
extern void mismatched_token();
extern void no_viable_alt();
extern void sorcerer_panic();
extern void _refvar_inits();    /* MR15 Kevin J. Cummings */
extern void _mkroot();
extern void _mkchild();
extern SORAST *ast_alloc();
extern SORAST *ast_dup();
extern SORAST *ast_dup_node();


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