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#define Atom      256         /* token Atom (an impossible char value) */
#define Epsilon   257         /* epsilon arc (an impossible char value) */

/* track field must be same for all node types */
typedef struct _a {
                              struct _a *track; /* track mem allocation */
                              int label;
                              struct _a *next;
                              struct _n *target;
                        } Arc, *ArcPtr;

typedef struct _n {
                              struct _n *track;
                              ArcPtr arcs, arctail;
                        } Node, *NodePtr;

typedef struct    {
                              NodePtr left,
                        } Graph, *GraphPtr;

#ifdef __USE_PROTOS
int rexpr( char *expr, char *s );
int match( NodePtr automaton, char *s );
int rexpr();
int match();

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