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/* Abstract syntax tree
 * We reserve no LEGAL rights to the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool
 * Set (PCCTS) -- PCCTS is in the public domain.  An individual or
 * company may do whatever they wish with source code distributed with
 * PCCTS or the code generated by PCCTS, including the incorporation of
 * PCCTS, or its output, into commerical software.
 * We encourage users to develop software with PCCTS.  However, we do ask
 * that credit is given to us for developing PCCTS.  By "credit",
 * we mean that if you incorporate our source code into one of your
 * programs (commercial product, research project, or otherwise) that you
 * acknowledge this fact somewhere in the documentation, research report,
 * etc...  If you like PCCTS and have developed a nice tool with the
 * output, please mention that you developed it using PCCTS.  In
 * addition, we ask that this header remain intact in our source code.
 * As long as these guidelines are kept, we expect to continue enhancing
 * this system and expect to make other tools available as they are
 * completed.
 * ANTLR 1.33
 * Terence Parr
 * Parr Research Corporation
 * with Purdue University and AHPCRC, University of Minnesota
 * 1989-2000

#ifndef PCCTSAST_H
#define PCCTSAST_H

#include "pcctscfg.h"

#include "pccts_stdio.h"
#include "pccts_stdlib.h"


//class SList;

#define StringScanMaxText     50
#define MaxTreeStackDepth     400

//  7-Apr-97 133MR1     signed int not accepted by AT&T cfront
typedef struct stringlexer {
                  int c;                                    // MR1
                  char *input;
                  char *p;
                  char text[StringScanMaxText];
            } StringLexer;

/* Define the structures needed for ast_scan() */
typedef struct stringparser {
                  int token;
                  StringLexer *lexer;
                  int num_labels;
            } StringParser;

typedef struct _scanast {
            struct _scanast *_right, *_down;
            int _token;
                  int label_num;
                  int type() { return _token; }
                  struct _scanast *right() { return _right; }
                  struct _scanast *down() { return _down; }
        } ScanAST;

#define VALID_SCAN_TOKEN(t)         (t>=__LPAREN && t<=__PERIOD)

class DllExportPCCTS PCCTS_AST {
      static const char *scan_token_tbl[];    /* MR20 const */
      enum {

      const char *scan_token_str(int t);  /* MR20 const */
      void stringlexer_init(StringLexer *scanner, char *input);
      void stringparser_init(StringParser *, StringLexer *);
      ScanAST *stringparser_parse_scanast(char *templ, int *n);
      ScanAST *stringparser_parse_tree(StringParser *parser);
      ScanAST *stringparser_parse_element(StringParser *parser);
      void stringscan_advance(StringLexer *scanner);
      int stringscan_gettok(StringLexer *scanner);
      void _push(PCCTS_AST **st, int *sp, PCCTS_AST *e);
      PCCTS_AST *_pop(PCCTS_AST **st, int *sp);
      int match_partial(PCCTS_AST *t, PCCTS_AST *u);
      int scanmatch(ScanAST *t, PCCTS_AST **labels[], int *n);
      void scanast_free(ScanAST *t);
      ScanAST *new_scanast(int tok);
      void stringparser_match(StringParser *parser, int type);
      virtual PCCTS_AST *deepCopyBushy();

      PCCTS_AST() {;}
      virtual ~PCCTS_AST() {;}

      /* This group must be defined for SORCERER to work correctly */
      virtual PCCTS_AST *right() = 0;
      virtual PCCTS_AST *down() = 0;
      virtual void setRight(PCCTS_AST *t) = 0;
      virtual void setDown(PCCTS_AST *t) = 0;
// we define these so ANTLR doesn't have to
      virtual int type() { return 0; }
      virtual void setType(int /*t MR23 */) {;}
      virtual PCCTS_AST *shallowCopy() {panic("no shallowCopy() defined"); return NULL;}

      /* These are not needed by ANTLR, but are support functions */
      virtual PCCTS_AST *deepCopy();      // used by SORCERER in transform mode
      virtual void addChild(PCCTS_AST *t);
      virtual void lisp_action(FILE * /*f MR23 */) {;}
      virtual void lisp(FILE *f);
      static PCCTS_AST *make(PCCTS_AST *rt, ...);
      virtual PCCTS_AST *ast_find_all(PCCTS_AST *u, PCCTS_AST **cursor);
      virtual int match(PCCTS_AST *u);
      virtual void insert_after(PCCTS_AST *b);
      virtual void append(PCCTS_AST *b);
      virtual PCCTS_AST *tail();
      virtual PCCTS_AST *bottom();
      static  PCCTS_AST *cut_between(PCCTS_AST *a, PCCTS_AST *b);
//    virtual SList *to_slist();
      virtual void tfree();
      int ast_scan(char *templ, ...);
      virtual int nsiblings();
      virtual PCCTS_AST *sibling_index(int i);

      void require(int e,const char *err){ if ( !e ) panic(err); } /* MR20 const */
      virtual void panic(const char *err)     // MR20 const
            { /* MR23 */ printMessage(stderr, "PCCTS_AST: %s\n", err); exit(PCCTS_EXIT_FAILURE); }
      virtual int printMessage(FILE* pFile, const char* pFormat, ...); // MR23

#endif /* PCCTSAST_H */

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